What Our Customers Says

Ekim I.

Taking a service sounds like a simple but It's not simple at all. Some of businesses needs to be mentored by professional to take another step. Freeman New York is a great company to step up in industry. I have seen some of Tile Stone companies got service from Freeman New York and they are almost X2 total sales. I would recommend if someone looking for real good service and satisfied service, go to FreeMan New York!

Good job!

Faruk K.

Amazing service. It was a pleasure working with Merih at Freeman New York. Very knowledgeable, always an improvement when he is around! Will definitely recommend their service .

Shank K.

FNY Team have strong Business Strategy knowledge.

I am from the United States. They have helped to develop my business. They set up a new management system on my business and ran it. They know well Online marketing, e-commerce management, business analysis, product sourcing.
I am very happy to review here. They have strong knowledge


We have worked with some marketing guys in the past, none have been as good. Greatly increased our sales while lowering costs. Highly recommend.


Freeman New York is a company with very respectful people. Although Merih is the owner of the company, he is very closely involved in all of the work and teamwork. They have grown my company in such a short time and I am very grateful to them for that. His detailed and meticulous work is admirable.


We have been working with Freeman New York for a few years now. Merih is very knowledgeable in marketing strategies and SEO services. They helped us grow our business.


Man, it is very nice to work with you. You excite us. You are helping us with your new ideas. We get along well. You're solving fast problems. You know how to develop a business.

You will do more for our customers. I will be visiting as soon as possible. Thanks for everything.


This guys are so professional.You can improve your business efficiency with their consultancy.
(e-commerce,marketing,business management)

Sami E.

I have a business about wall art. Merih organized a training session for my team about online Marketplaces. It increased our revenue and profitability. It produces a very fast solution. I love this very much. Also his team helpful and prompt. I appreciated them.


They helped me for my wholesale business. My business is 100 times better than before.
Thank you guys!

Highly recommended !

Tolga O.

This guys are so professional. You can improve your business efficiency with their consultancy.


We have had the pleasure of collaborating with Freeman New York for an extended period, and it has truly been an exceptional and enlightening journey. Merih and the team exhibit an impressive depth of expertise in growth strategies, sales, e-commerce, Google Ads, online marketplace management (such as Shopify), creative strategies, online and offline marketing strategies, as well as business development. Without a doubt, our partnership with them will continue for years to come. We are already delighted with the positive and fruitful outcomes that their services have delivered.


We have been working with Freeman New York for a long time now. It has been such a great and informative experince. Merih and his team are knowledgeable about growth strategies, sales, e-commerce, google ads, online marketplace management like shopify, creative strategies, online & offline marketing strategies and business development. It is sure that we will be working with him for many years. We are already glad to have fruitful outcomes of the service.


Fantastic service. Efficient and polite team. Merih at Freeman New York worked very hard and was persistent in getting our account reinstated also he is very knowledgable with SEO and Ecommerce. Thanks.


I'm highly satisfied with the exceptional service I received. They're very quick with the prompts and requests and are not difficult to work with. Would definitely recommend to others.


Great service, they are always friendly and hard working. Keep up the good work!


Its best service ever!!

Abdullah W.

Highly Recommend

It's great to work with people like Mr. Merih and his team cause they provide you with the best service you can find on earth in a professional way.

I will always do business with them and recommend them for you.

Aslı C.

Excellent prices, excellent service, definitely recommend anyone!

Tony G.

Great people the work with. We been working with them for 3 years and they always get the job done. Very trustworthy!


I recently had the pleasure of working with Merih to set up and grow my Amazon account, website, and I must say, I'm thoroughly impressed. Merih is not only knowledgeable but also incredibly trustworthy. They're always just a call away, ready to assist, and they take their job very seriously. I can't recommend their services highly enough. If you're looking for someone to help you navigate the brand for you, Merih is the one to call. Thank you for your exceptional service!


Freeman New York is a great establishment and Merih is not only a great man he is also gifted for what he does.
Being in transportation business 20+ years means a lot but I wouldn't be happy as I am today if I wouldn't met Merih and his team.
We've started our business with 1 vehicle, today marks the 2nd year and we have 5 vehicles with 5 workers.
They will make you dream first, then they will make sure your dream come thru.


Merih is such a pleasure to work with. He is professional, knowledgeable, and most importantly, he listens to my wants and needs. He understands my visions and helps me bring them to life. I will continue working with him and recommend him to anyone! Thank you Merih


I am very happy with the service and the deal I got from Freeman New York. Merih is very polite and professional. Thanks


Thank you for your help with my business. It is very nice to work with you. We want to do new things together. Distances are far, but we are very close.


Excellent prices, excellent service, definitely recommend anyone!

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