What Our Customers Says

Ekim I.

Taking a service sounds like a simple but It's not simple at all. Some of businesses needs to be mentored by professional to take another step. Freeman New York is a great company to step up in industry. I have seen some of Tile Stone companies got service from Freeman New York and they are almost X2 total sales. I would recommend if someone looking for real good service and satisfied service, go to FreeMan New York!

Good job!

Faruk K.

Amazing service. It was a pleasure working with Merih at Freeman New York. Very knowledgeable, always an improvement when he is around! Will definitely recommend their service .

Shank K.

FNY Team have strong Business Strategy knowledge.

I am from the United States. They have helped to develop my business. They set up a new management system on my business and ran it. They know well Online marketing, e-commerce management, business analysis, product sourcing.
I am very happy to review here. They have strong knowledge

Sami E.

I have a business about wall art. Merih organized a training session for my team about online Marketplaces. It increased our revenue and profitability. It produces a very fast solution. I love this very much. Also his team helpful and prompt. I appreciated them.


They helped me for my wholesale business. My business is 100 times better than before.
Thank you guys!

Highly recommended !

Tolga O.

This guys are so professional. You can improve your business efficiency with their consultancy.

Abdullah W.

Highly Recommend

It's great to work with people like Mr. Merih and his team cause they provide you with the best service you can find on earth in a professional way.

I will always do business with them and recommend them for you.

Aslı C.

Excellent prices, excellent service, definitely recommend anyone!

Tony G.

Great people the work with. We been working with them for 3 years and they always get the job done. Very trustworthy!

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